It is interesting to describe the feeling you have, when you express yourself in any way, you are aware that your whole family is in you.

When we speak of Ancestral Pedagogy we are talking about the depth of intention when performing an act, the history of grandparents and grandmothers, it is as if everyone were behind saying the same, it is like being supported by them, that is when your word acquires depth and weight, it is really that moment that we raise our genetics. (Ivette Carrión Torres)

Awakening codes
... to remember what we already have inside
Science, Soul and Earth in Education

Reconnect with what we are, with what we bring to find our own balance; To live unity in diversity and in harmony with ourselves, with the other, with nature.

The drums invite us to a journey to the rhythm of our hearts, opening the necessary space to connect with the force that comes from our roots and give life to the new in the present moment.

Release tension and stress. Expand our perception; Harmonize cerebral hemispheres; Integrate masculine and feminine energy; Reconnect with the cosmic and telluric energy; Enhance our creative capacity, imagination and intuition.

Liberation of your mental space where the ancestral feeling will remain.

The invitation is to activate the attention to your interior,

To the family that is inside you, through simple techniques that will allow you to give depth to your expression so that in any circumstance of your life you can manifest.

The invitation is to Vibrate from the deepest of our hearts,

How to recover what we already have?

How to take our legacy?

How to honor those who preceded us?

How to include our history in our hearts?



Gratitude, when it comes from the deepest part of the heart, is a bird with strong wings, which from above can look at all the connections and links that are below, on earth, there where the roots of life and our stories are sown.

Angelica Olvera