Holistic Recycling Art  (7-11 years)

Creative and ecological club that connect the elements of nature and develops proposals for the Planet. Creative Minds :-)

During this course children will learn about environmental care, healthy eating, rycling, plants and much more, while developing their artistic skills with the Earth Guardians Nature Kids Club.

We want to live in a world in which every child and young person has opportunities to become an "agent of change" "CHANGEMAKER").

Know us:
The Guardians of the Earth is a project that promotes the development of an environmental education with the objective of achieving a sustainable Planet. A world in which the development of those capacities to produce positive changes in the environment is a normality.

With this activities, we seek to generate greater awareness in the young population so that they care for and defend the environment, as well as a broader vision of the opportunities that exist for the protection of land and natural resources.

If you want to help the planet, become a Guardian of the Earth and join us!

With the purpose of education, and understanding how this affects in an integral way all the elements of the Planet and help in the educational ecosistema refer to the ability to collaborate, to innovate, to constantly learn, 

to solve problems, with creativity to communicate effectively ...

We focus on the understanding of the elements of nature and the movements that the earth makes through changes with the objective of Caring for Planet Earth, and being aware of ancestral wisdom.

We need to be able  and capable of constructing of a better world.

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