ASIRI METHOD OF HOLISTIC EDUCATION    Education for the third millennium

ASIRI (in Quechua: smile that comes from the heart)
Educational methodology that accompany children from the conscience of freedom, discovering how to be creative and learnig thru the joy of living.

The ASIRI Methodology is based on the internal work of the being, in the total acceptance of its capabilities, enhancing the two hemispheres of the brain, thus having a greater ease of learning, each side of the brain has its own qualities and working together, the result is incomparable. The ASIRI Methodology is a manifestation of education for UNIVERSAL LOVE.

The children of the third millennium no longer adapt to the old and traditional forms such as bi-dimensionality limited to sitting and notebooks in the classroom, they have become super active (hyperactive).
It is important to give them new tools and let them BE and learn in freedom. Con-Science, Soul and Earth in Education

THANK YOU Ivette Carrión for your contribution to Humanity!

Education for the third millennium
Holistic education is an integral process that allows restructuring education in all its aspects. It provides us with a global vision based on the best of human knowledge.
The holistic pedagogy is considered as the new educational paradigm for the XXI century, it has developed from the integration and from the vision of which everything is connected with everything; the result has been a holistic educational paradigm, unprecedented in the history of education that is radically revolutionizing our ideas in the educational field.
Holistic education exceeds the cognitive reductionist vision, considering the human being as a whole, and works in all its dimensions: mental, emotional, ancestral, cognitive, physical, mystical, energetic and spiritual.
We have considered the ASIRI Methodology as one of the most successful holistic pedagogies in this history because without leaving technology behind, it rescues the ancestral not to copy it but to evolve it, generating in this way an awakening of consciousness in the people and therefore, raising the vibration level of the planet.
Asiri has been created so that "from doing", the human being can "transcend". The human being is accustomed to organize in a linear way and so the teacher still does, it is necessary for the change of consciousness that we begin to create through geometry all the information for the child or young person, since "the whole universe is geometric ", is a beautiful mathematical form that rotates and dances in space-time. The current method is only looking for two-dimensionality (locate only on paper), when in reality we are three-dimensional (the form).

In recent years, education aimed at children of the third millennium has reaffirmed its expiration, it is an education that does not allow the real formation of the child, without taking into account their individuality and their own abilities. Over the years, it has been an education directed and governed by the left hemisphere of the brain, where reason over intuition predominates. It has divided the human being, and has put him in conflict, creating the chaos that is seen in today's society. If we ask a young man of 5th. Secondary school that really knows how to survive in any circumstance, it is very likely that we will listen to your voice, saying: "almost nothing".