Aura Reading 
A journey into the interior of your true self.
Harmonization of the BioEnergetic Field
Meditation & Creative Visualization


The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the physical body and reflects your energetic vibration. Everything that happens in this physical dimension is the result of what exists in an energetic plane. Everything is energy, everything is vibration. Everything you have in Your life, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, is based on energy. Energy is the essence of all things, even relationships with people are based on energy. The auric field contains all the information of the energetic patterns or programs that have been accumulated through the experiences lived throughout this life and previous lives, also records of the ancestral information that make up a large part of the psychic structure of the be.
The programming is encoded within the aura, and during the reading the mental images that symbolize said programming are seen. When reading, the spiritual meaning of these images is transmitted, and by understanding them, the being can choose to release those beliefs that give rise to the reality that the person is living, without being aware of how many times and because he lives certain situations in his life .

The aura reading allows you to recognize at what point in your life you are blocked and release the energies that sustain those blocks so that you can choose the path of your true Self, which is to be Healthy, Complete and Happy.
There are different types of reading according to the need of the present moment that is going through


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