The Matrix Master - Infinite Creation opens a world of unlimited possibilities. The book teaches you how to create the desired results at all levels of your life: Wellness, abundance and love, family relationships, at work, money, success ... until you have the greatest goals you have ever imagined and convert them to your new reality


The energy focussing has its origins in quantum healing and establishes the most harmonious fusion between thousands of years of spirituality with the highest modern science. This book will give you an easy understanding of the fundamental facts of quantum physics, it will explain without effort phenomena such as morphogenetic fields, but above all it will make you feel in a very pleasant way the effects of this union of science and essence of all religions. In person and you will immediately experience a release at all levels. You will learn how to transform bodily symptoms of all kinds and how to create a new mental and emotional well-being. And that is going to be just the starting point.

The book contains - alongside the teaching of the Matrix Master - many of the stories of people like you and me. All these stories of experiences and successes in this book are true and real people.

The beginnings of a powerful technique

"After his initial discovery, soon Dr. Richard Bartlett would realize that he was able to teach this method to others without problem: there is no" magic ", anyone can learn Matrix Energetics to use it as an extraordinarily easy way to achieve personal advances!

Dr. Richard Bartlett is a chiropractor and naturopath. He practices in Seattle (Washington, USA). There, his development of the Matrix Energetics method is well known and his seminars are in great demand. On his first visit to Europe (Germany), his seminars were completely filled with more than 1,000 participants in two weeks. At the German premiere, at the beginning of October 2009, it caused great enthusiasm. "Quote / Translation of the original from (and from the notes in the book" Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation "from Richard Bartlett.


The knowledge that is applied in the work with the Matrix Maestra®

and what is taught in seminars is based on modern quantum physics and the ancient wisdom of diverse origins. It is based on decades of experience and a variety of thousands of people and practically proven actions. The scientific bases derive from quantum physics and include String Theory as well as Rupert Sheldrake's Morphogenetic Resonance (morphogenetic fields).


Fundamental discoveries

The energy transformation is based on four essential discoveries:

- Discovery 1: There is an energy field that connects everything that is in creation.

- Discovery 2: This field plays the roles of container, bridge and mirror of the beliefs we harbor.

- Discovery 3: The field is everywhere (it is not localized) and it is holographic. All its parts are connected with the others. And each part reflects the whole at a lower scale.

- Discovery 4: We communicate with the field through the language of emotion.

Our ability depends on recognizing and applying those realities that determine everything, from our healing to the success of our relationshi

ps and careers.

(From the book "The Divine Matrix" by Gregg Braden)



The transformation and intensification of potential with the Matrix Maestra®

The Matrix Maestra® is a way of life! You can live with "the wave" independently or in a complementary way. The Matrix Maestra® produces a profound transformation. The change of energy, makes a change of reality. Thus the Matrix Maestra® gives us an effective tool to directly influence reality and to make real our goals and visions in private and professional life, as well as for our well-being and our good health.

The method belongs to the field of quantum healing, on which the magazine "Fliege" for its ARD TV format (TV Channel No.1 in Germany) published in its June / July 2010 edition: "Too large are the successes, too great the impact of the arguments and too surprising is also the simplicity of the method of the so-called quantum medicine and quantum healing. (...) Quantum healing seems to be "the cure for everything." And above, it is free of risks and side effects The pdf (in German) can be found here:

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Este Artículo está escrito por Ignacio Sánchez Meya, quién "casualmente" su Primer Noche de Experiencia con Matrix, también fué la nuestra. El es una de las personas que más nos sorprendió volver a ver, ya que verdaderamente parecía muy escéptico! Sin embargo, él, como muchos de nosotros, vivimos la transformación que significó aprender esta maravillosa técnica y aplicarla :-)
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