We invite you to participate in this workshop that we do once a year, coinciding with the start of the year.

Learn to identify your numbers and those of your family to understand why we behave the way we do.  Each person is a different vibration.

Your birth number and your name are individual and indicate our path, mission and talents. They express us as we are and act in life. Knowing our numbers gives us the information to reach our goals and resignify it.

Focused your energy and creating a potential and transforming new cycle that begins with the change of Hebrew year (September) and consolidates in January. Take advantage of this transition period to complete your goals this year and start the next cycle well aligned.

2019: Year 3 !!!

✴ an information that you can apply both for your personal self-knowledge, as well as for your family and professional relationships; and a tool compatible and applicable to your profession or work life.

BasBased on cycles of 9 years you can consular the potential of your numbers and align with the frequency of the year that you have to travel.
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Numerology Workshop💫
Weekend of December 21 and 22:

with Julieta Preguerman
+34 660730826

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TRANSITION: Last year was a Numerology year full of emotions!
2018: One year 11 of universal vibration ... will be totally different: 2018 is a year 11 (2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11) of universal vibration and brought many new things for all.

The year of universal vibration 11 is synonymous with ambivalence. You will have to do a personal retrospective to be able to advance 2018 a year 11

The 11 is considered a master number in numerology and its powerful vibrations give it an ambivalent dimension: inspiration or confusion, which tends to dominate so as not to let fall into excess. It generates strong adverse currents: social, cultural, political and religious. Their influence underlines the desire to affirm or even want to get out of the rules. This requires, first of all, to develop a capacity for internal listening, to be patient and to integrate a work on emotions so that they are solid.

On the positive side, it symbolizes the strength and experience of oneself, which translates into the ability to concretize ideals thanks to enthusiasm and determination.

It is time to develop your ability to be patient, it will be important to learn to wait. The seeds have already been planted and there is a need to maintain patience until the fruits are ready to be harvested. Do not rush and know the right time to take each step. Caution is synonymous with care and you must apply it in all areas of your life, including the financial aspect.

Discover that’s for you in 2019!


"Year of Social Success"

The energy that surrounds the personal year number 3 is celebration, fun and pleasure. He will be invaded by this influence and shine wherever he goes; You will feel how people approach you without explanation. New social contacts will be born that can be useful for the future.
 You will feel a great personal magnetism, it is time to present to your boss that idea you had kept for a long time, perform some sales operation or use your charismatic image to conquer the person you like.

It will express himself with verbiage, beware of words without thinking, he may find himself in trouble and everything he had gained with his personal magnetism will be lost in a close and open of eyes; use the ease of words wisely to make a good impression and win supporters.

This year we have to enjoy,  take life as a game; have a positive attitude and make the most of the opportunity that gives us a year with the number 3.
Keys are:

    Share your joy
    Celebrate without regard
    Take advantage of social contacts

Express yourself to the fullest. Live all the joy and optimism come from the creativity that surrounds you. Just be careful not to disperse and keep the focus on what gives you pleasure, but do not add anything. In interpersonal relationships, you will feel your level of high seduction. Concentrate to channel energies into real and tangible objectives.


This course will facilitate the basic study of Numerology giving the participant the ability to do their own numerological studies and be able to help their families, children, friends and at the same time to achieve a greater understanding of what is happening in their life and that of his neighbor and the potentials for the future.
Know what is the trend that you are traveling this year in particular and how we are surfing at a collective, global, universal level. Knowing the combination of these energies gives the keys to know how to act to achieve your goals and desires, as well as to know your potentials and talents.

 The Numerology Course consists of 3 parts:

 Module 1: Introduction

> Meaning of each number

> Master numbers.

> The numerical value of each letter.

> Meaning of the first letter of the name.

> Meaning of the date of birth.

 Module 2: Personal Numerology

> Analysis of the full name.

> Study of the internal number.

> Study of the external personality.

> Study of the mission in this life.

Module 3: Understanding the natal path.

> Potential number: what talents did you bring at birth ?!

> Life cycles (9 years)

> Challenges.


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