Quantec Pro Scan

Quantic science is the understanding of how to be aware and conscious about how our personal bioenergetic field shines to manifest a healthy and happy life. The Quantec® ExpertScan is the interpreter that helps us to understand this language. Every illness (language of the soul) carries with it a message, which, if interpreted correctly, shows us the way to the cure. QUANTEC® is a world-leader in the field of instrumental biocommunication. A radionic equipment of the most advanced German technology, which with the white noise diode detects the disharmonies of the bioenergetic field of people in medicine, psychosomatics, coaching, management consultancy, as well as animals, agriculture and forestry, environment, plants, homes, companies and sends remote waves day and night to harmonise them. The areas of application for this technology are practically unlimited. The frequency sessions are programmed by month until the vibration gets to optimal state. 




Twin photons: In addition to the scalar waves, QUANTEC® also transmits through a process that is based on the non-locality observed in quantum physics.


Automated radionic treatment: QUANTEC® is currently the only device that can actually be proved to radiate target objects. Every therapy appointment is displayed on your screen and demonstrated before your very eyes.


The white noise diode: QUANTEC® is the most modern equipment with the greatest experience in using white noise diodes, can interact with consciousness and morphic fields in the same way as the real generators. There are even scientific studies that show that the results obtained with a white noise diode.



Fields of application

Whenever we start to believe that we have discovered all the possible fields of application for QUANTEC PRO, our customers always surprise us with a new possibility.

Here’s a list of the most important application fields:

Medicine, Psicosomatics, Coaching, Managament Consultancy, Agricultural and Forestry, Enviromet. Personal Projects. Family. Animals.



More info: https://www.quantec.eu