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Mother and Holistic Facilitator for children, Asiri Methodology (Smile in Quechua).

Quantica BioEnergetics Therapist.
Sanergia Lic.917
Master Practitioner of EnergyFocussing. Creator of workshops for the well-being of the Self and personal growth, through meditation and creative visualization ~ active, sanction and reading of the Aura. Numerology.

The combination of techniques provides a wide look and varied techniques that complement each other to achieve the greatest benefit in the manifestation of goals with easy applications for everyday use.

The goal and the approach with which we undertake this project is the happy and healthy growth of the children of our planet.

The children that are here, the ones that come and the ones that went!

Healing our inner child from the eyes of the conscious adult, helps us to free ourselves from a great burden of the past to transform that energy into light.

And connect with the Purpose to which we have come to this Planet.

Realizing the goal aligns us with the vibratory frequency of the Earth, a greater resonance, that connects us with the quantic-electromagnetic network of the planetary cosmic grid, and thus vibrate in love and happiness with what everything is, and thus manifest a life peaceful and in harmony with the planet that sustains us.


 We live in a Holistic Planet :-) Holistic Planet @

Everything vibrates, everything is always in constant movement.
Everything is energy.

Now we know that the Universe that surrounds us is quantum and holographic.
We know that what we believe, we create. That the thoughts we have, they count. The words we say, shape and shape our World ...
As humans, we have received in the last decades, a lot of information with which we are changing our way of seeing the World in which we live. Today we understand that change, the evolutionary leap of Humanity, depends on each Being, each Individual.

It is a path of co-creator, and at the same time, individual.


Quantic Physics and BioEnergetic Therapies

Today there are several techniques that can be used to return to live in full connection. Each one of us will be in resonance with any of them and will vibrate, in pure e-motion, each time he comes into contact with what he is for himself.

Original Connection is the name that I baptize my technique, and I feel includes the approach of alchemy that has occurred in my knowledge, gracas to all the techniques and methods that I have learned along the path of healing and spirituality.

Because the most valuable thing we can have is a true connection with who one originally is. It is to re-discover yourself, to decide - from your heart - what you want in your life, what you want to achieve, what you want to do, how you want to enjoy.

We welcome you to our website! Enjoy it!