Hello !  We are

The magical adventure of Being Mother, opened before me a wonderful vision towards the future, from a miarada in the present.

My children are my master masters :)

They have pointed out the ways of the new vibrations.

Together we have discovered that there are other methods to educate in freedom and with greater respect to the new generations.

Honoring the roots of our ancestors and allowing our children to flourish in freedom and happiness in the New Age. Sowing new seeds to create a beautiful garden in our world.

We are the guardians of future generations and the great global change of consciousness now depends on us. The information is already disseminated by all means, is wide, varied and always points to the same point:

"Be aware that each of us has its own energy, and that it only depends on each individual transformation, and thus take the collective commitment to vibrate at a greater frequency"

Living well and in harmony is possible.
Learn new methods and approaches to achieve it too!

Listening to the children and letting them give their ideas and opinions will help a lot to create the new energy and thus install the information at a social level, and expand it globally.

We are all one.
We are all Family!

That's how we were when we started our website :)

FACUNDO LEÓN - 10 years.
Strong & fast
Valiant warrior.

He loves to practice BMX and learn online with new technologies.

Games like Minecraft are for a fun learning method where he applies knowledge of mathematics and architectural design.

He likes to be with his friends and go for a walk with our bitch Hanna up the mountain and walk around the nature  and observed animals.

SOFIA GAIA - 8 years old
Wisdom of the Earth.
Little fighter.

They like babies and take care of them, play with them and teach them to paint and create crafts for each age. She knows that each stage of the children develops different skills, and she enjoys seeing how they have fun with the proposals of the holistic workshop.

Together with mom I created the ideas of the Holistic Planet @ YouTube Workshops.


Llegamos a un nuevo espacio ... Espai Obert La Serra !!


Ahora somos una Familia mas de este colectivo de padres y madres que apoyan y promueven la eduacación holistica en un entorno natural y creativo, en libertad, divertido y muy creativo !!


Hay un montón de actividades para hacer y estamos muy contentos con los nuevos amigos y nuevos proyectos.


Facundo León

11 años

Sofia Gaia

9 años